Why vote for Sameer Hakim ? (Part 1):

Because there is a difference in saying it and doing it. I am doer and have been delivering results in the past 1 year as a trustee, 2 years on several district committees and 2+ years on the school site council. Some of my results

I was instrumental in ensuring that Fallon Middle School gives priority to students currently enrolled in our district over the students moving in because of new construction. This essentially was done proactively ahead of time so that parents/students were aware upfront and not caught blindsided. I (along with the board) ensured that every student was housed in the school district. I also followed up with parents, superintendent and administrators to ensure fairness and bringing the diverted students back as seats became available at FMS.

We as a community talk about whole child wellness and nutrition plays an important part in it. I worked with the superintendent, board and the nutrition department to better the vegetarian food options for our students. This aligns with the changing diversity and I also equate it to equity in education as every child now has access to quality food. I have also supported PE credit for our students in band, cheerleaders and athletics.

Equally important for equity in education is curriculum. When the criteria for math placement in middle school student potentially impacted their choices at high school, I took it up with the education team to ensure every student had equal opportunity to succeed in our schools. This vision of how a policy impacts student learning is needed and I do it for every policy decision. This is more needed as we adopt NGSS, ELPAC as well mature common core practices.

Even before being a trustee, I remember how as a safety committee member for Kolb school, I reached out to the city to highlight the significant issues with construction, traffic and road closures. I brainstormed ideas and issues with the city engineer to ensure it got attention and eventually resolved. As a co-chair for the school site council, I ensured we are prioritizing improving education for all kids, setting achievable goals for the site and enabling the kids who needed the push to meet state requirements. At the same time, we did not forget high performing kids and explored opportunities like Destination Imagination. 

To better enable myself as a trustee I went on to complete my “masters in governance for board members”. This foundational course jumpstarted my knowledge and required several weekends of effort and studying to complete it. Not every trustee does it but it was important for me to be diligent my roles, responsibilities and duties. I have as well spent countless hours contributing with ideas and actions on several advisory committees including LCAP, District optimization committee (DOC) and Financial committees. 

There is a difference in voicing an opinion on an issue versus taking action and working towards a solution. 

Yes, I am doer. I will ensure “quality education for all kids at modern facilities with excellent teachers and involved parent community”. I support building more schools including the 2nd high school and spending MeasureH funds in accordance with the priorities. Vote for me if you believe in actions and results. I will work for you and your kids.